Sisterhood of Mallorca

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This sisterhood is an empowering space for us women, where we hug our dragons, embrace our journey together and celebrate life.

Welcome to the hood, we are Kat and Stephanie, your sisterhood hosts!

With this offspring of the @yougosisters movement, we want to connect, share and experience sisterhood with you on the spot. All of us on a very personal journey for themselves - sharing the path of personal development with a circle of empowering women.

good enough

You are good the way you are. Okay - but, WHO AM I?

Through self awareness and personal development you free yourself from boundaries and gain a clear view on what it is, that makes you YOU.

clear & conscious

Being clear means being conscious.

Through conscious conversations and self reflection you gain clarity that can be life changing.

living a fulfilled life

If you have a clear understanding of what a good life means to you, the universe will collaborate:

What is my take on the important questions in life? What is the life I want to life? And how can I overcome my own boundaries? Who am I? What are my values, my non-negotiables? What kind of relationships do I want in my life?

What’s happening in the hood?

What’s happening in the hood?

Conversations create change. They open up our minds to the thoughts and experiences of others and inspire us to reflect upon our own. In doing so, we expand our horizons.

Stephanie and @maison_richter invite you to join us in creating a space for real and honest conversation.

Where we consciously reflect upon a given topic.

Where we can mindfully listen to ourselves and others, nurture our curiosity and inspire more purpose through connection.

We are here to empower personal freedom and connection.

The single most important aspect in our lives are relationships - with ourselves and with others. Connection is the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard and valued. This Sisterhood is our safe space where the magic can happen.

We will celebrate life with all our senses through delicious food and magical experiences - from sunset picnics and women circles at the beach to african drum & dance sessions in a Mallorquin Finca Garden.

This Sisterhood is about


Knowledge, stories, experiences and connection.


Stimulating creativity, courage and communication.


Gaining personal freedom and fulfillment (to finally stop doubting ourselves).


Empowering one another through understanding, non-judgment and curiosity. Simply sisterhood.

We want
you to

  • Go to places where you have never been before within you.
  • Do things you have never done before.
  • Feel empowered to live a more fulfilled life.

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